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Give Someone you love a Puppy to Snuggle with
Yorkie puppies for sale; ready to go into new homes. These tiny toy and t-cup yorkie puppies for sale are
from Champion bloodlines with exquisite little baby faces that make them so cute.
Shipping is 300.00; it is fast and safe. I put them on a plane in the morning and you get your Yorkie puppy
by early evening. Back Forty Kennel is your Mississippi Yorkie breeder and I am here to help you pick the
right Yorkshire Terrier puppy and offer you help after the sale as well.   
Frances McDonald
1108 McDonald Dr.
Terry MS 39170
Home; 601-906-2359
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Yorkshire Terrier Puppies for Sale   Teacup Yorkie Puppy for Sale.
Champion sired Yorkie puppies for sale  Mississippi Yorkie Dog breeder
I love to get close up pictures of my little bitty tiny toy and teacup Yorkie puppies for sale so you can see the quality
of the Yorkie puppy. This makes the Yorkie puppy appear larger than it really is. Please realize that these Yorkie
puppies est. adult weight is based on certain bloodlines of the Yorkie dog and the knowledge of a well planned
breeding to know what a certain Yorkie sire and Yorkie dam will produce. You may want a Teacup Yorkie or a tiny
toy Yorkie dog but you want a fat healthy Yorkie puppy. A puppy without  body fat can't fight off diseases and
illnesses. Be sure to let the breeder call it as to when the  teacup Yorkie puppy for sale  is ready to leave his litter
mates and dam to go into a new home. A good breeder will send you a well socialized, loving, healthy puppy.
When only the Best is Good Enough.
Yorkshire Terrier puppies for sale; tiny toy; teacup; t-cup; mini; micro; baby face puppies for sale here at Back
Forty Yorkies. Bred for quality and soundness. Our Yorkie puppies will have a short baby doll face, level back,
luxurious coat and great personality. Back Forty Pups breeding program include Champion Yorkie bloodlines for that
special look you want. Back Forty Kennel is a Mississippi Yorkie Dog Breeder with 30 years of breeding for
excellence of the breed. We offer Yorkies for show, pet and breeder with quality you can count on. I will send you a
healthy, happy Yorkie puppy, you can depend on it. Back Forty Puppies are always the best you can buy.
Yorkie puppies at Back Forty
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Yorkie sires at back forty
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Yorkie puppies for sale from Back Forty Kennel; a MS Yorkshire Terrier dog breeder. AKC registered puppies, show, pet, and breeder dogs. Teacup Yorkie Puppies, Teacup Yorkie Puppies for Sale,
Yorkshire Terrier Puppies, Yorkshire Terrier Puppies for Sale. Mississippi Yorkie Breeder.
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All of my Adults are for sale. I am retiring. :-(
Click on this link to see the girls for sale.

Quality little females; proven mothers
all are very nice.

Music Man's Pedigree    Sugar's Sires Pedigree
Sale pending
This girl is bred
and won't leave
until she has whelped